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Building Muscle

Top 15 Fitness Blogs for Building Muscle in 2020

No matter where you are along your fitness journey, you’re probably aware that packing on muscle mass is no easy task. Many people set their sights on goals and become deterred when they don’t quickly see the results they’re after.

While it’s true that building muscle can be a challenging process, there are all sorts of resources at your disposal. In today’s day and age, there are plenty of insightful blogs with all kinds of expert tips and advice for bulking up.

Finding the right information is no easy task, but no need to fear… we’ve got you covered.

In no specific order, here is our list of the internet’s top 15 fitness and muscle building blogs.

Dr. John Rusin

John Rusin - Top Blogs by Dioxyme

When it comes to strength and conditioning, Dr. Rusin’s blog has what you need.

Dr. Rusin holds advanced degrees in physical therapy and exercise science. He has over 10 years of experience working with top-level professional athletes.

In addition to a number of other topics, his blog covers all the ins-and-outs of hypertrophy training. From nutrition to exercise selection to rest and recovery, he’s got it all. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a casual gym-goer, Dr. Rusin’s blog touches on everything you need to know about maximizing your muscle-building potential.

Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore - Top Blogs by Dioxyme

Tony Gentilcore is no slouch when it comes to building muscle. As a professional trainer and coach, he has years of experience helping people pack on lean muscle mass.

Tony’s blog is packed full of helpful tips and tricks for bulking up; you can find everything from programming recommendations to in-depth analyses of different exercises and guides on how to perform them.

My Sports Science

My Sports Science - Top Blogs by Dioxyme

My Sports Science is a blog created by leading exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist, Asker Jeukenrup. His blog provides expertise across a wide variety of fitness-related topics with a large focus on sports nutrition.

The articles often take a thorough and scientific approach to analyze dietary topics such as the best types of protein and daily protein requirements for building muscle.


Bodybulk - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

The name itself tells you everything you need to know about this website’s content. Bodybulk is a bodybuilding and fitness-focused blog with all sorts of useful information on bulking, shredding, and supplementing.

They even provide a standalone section on bulking with lots of helpful guidelines on the dos and don’ts of building muscle.


Thenx - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Thenx’s blog contains all sorts of informative content to help you pack on serious muscle.

They have tons of articles on calisthenic training, which is perfect for anyone who is looking to get jacked using bodyweight exercises. They also have a number of different calisthenics programs available with training guidelines and workout routines.

Check out their Youtube channel to see some of the Thenx crew in action.

Sanford POWER: Nutrition

Sanford POWER - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Sanford POWER is focused on sports performance and rehabilitation and has plenty of informative articles for athletes who are looking to get bigger and stronger. Find all sorts of helpful information on things like exercise programming and supplementation so that you can perform at your best in the gym and on the field.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Looking for heaps of insight about building muscle and burning fat? Check out Breaking Muscle.

Their blog contains extensive sections on healthy eating and training, including food recommendations and recipes. They also offer a multitude of free multi-week training programs. Breaking Muscle is a handy resource for anyone looking for guidance on dieting and training to help pack on muscle mass.

Eleat Sports Nutrition

Eleat Sports Nutrition - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Interested in learning more about sports nutrition? Angoe Asche is a Sports Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer with a blog that provides insightful info you need to know.

The Eleat Sports Nutrition Blog is full of videos and articles about dieting for muscle gain and maximum performance. Athletes can also find all sorts of helpful and instructional videos to get their diets dialed in and on point.

Roman Fitness Systems

Roman Fitness Systems - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

John Romaniello, or Roman, has been a personal trainer for 18 years. His articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Men's Health, Women's Health, Men's Fitness, and more.

Roman's blog is overflowing with all sorts of helpful articles. He provides detailed guidelines on “building the ideal body” for both males and females. There are entire sections devoted to training and nutrition where you can find all sorts of nifty advice to reach your muscle-building goals.

What's more? There is even a section that dives deep into the topic of intermittent fasting for those looking to build muscle and shed fat at the same time.


Thibarmy - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Tibarmy is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to pack on some serious muscle mass. The blog is the brainchild of Christian Thibaudeau, a strength and conditioning coach with more than 15 years of experience.

The blog has an entire section on “training for muscle gain” where you can find all sorts of informative guidelines for maximizing your muscle-building potential. There is also an entire section devoted to CrossFit with loads of info applicable to all levels of participants.

Life by Daily Burn

Life by Daily Burn - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Daily Burn has heaps of different free workout plans and training programs, some of which are perfect for increasing size and strength. In addition to an entire section on diet and nutrition, the blog also includes a segment on strength training stuffed full of helpful tips and guidelines to help you make some significant progress in the gym

Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Cressey is a certified strength and conditioning coach who has worked with hundreds of athletes from youth sports all the way up to the pros. He has years of experience helping athletes pack on muscle mass and improve their skills and his blog certainly reflects this.

You can find everything from functional exercises that translate into your sport to in-depth discussions on improving your power and explosiveness on this blog.

Born Fitness

Born Fitness - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

The Born Fitness blog has tons of training and nutrition articles to point you in the direction of looking and performing at your best. The articles are extremely thorough and usually supported with clear scientific evidence.

Find everything from tips and advice on protein consumption to guidelines for mastering a number of different movements.


Runtastic - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

Runstatic is a fantastic resource for all things cardio... and it doesn't stop there.

While some content is cardio-focused, there is an entire section on strength training that's perfect for any cardio aficionado looking to pack on some muscle mass. This section of the blog is littered with all kinds of tips and tricks for bulking up: from in-depth discussions on exercise selection to general muscle building guidelines and recommendations.

Ross Training

Ross Training - Best Blogs by Dioxyme

The blog at Ross Training is the product of Ross Enamait’s extensive experience as a trainer and coach in the world of professional boxing. It is an incredible resource not only for anyone involved in combat sports but also for anyone looking to seriously improve their strength and overall athletic ability.

There is a complete section on training that covers everything from training guidelines for building muscle to detailed discussions on the importance of constancy and discipline.

Wrap Up

There you have it... our picks for the fifteen best blogs to help you reach your muscle-building goals in 2020. From nutrition to strength to everything in between, using these resources along with your routines will help you build strength efficiently and effectively.

Ready for more? Check out our post about the muscle-building process.

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