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HMB is naturally produced in the body as a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. This is similar to HICA, however, it is created via a different pathway than HICA metabolism.

For Muscle Endurance:

HMB helps in the repair, recovery and growth phases of the muscle.

High-intensity training sessions and long-lasting athletic events cause significant muscle breakdown. HMB minimizes this.

Studies also show that HMB supplementation directly correlates with improved athletic performance.

Finally, studies show HMB also has positive effects from a health standpoint in benefiting the cardiovascular system and lipids.

For Muscle Growth:

HMB works through a series of chemical reactions in the muscle cell that turns on growth genes within the cell.

These chemical reactions then stimulate mTOR, and in turn stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the process that repairs and builds muscle.

Clinical trials have shown that HMB supplementation can increase bench press 55%, and increase lower body strength over 100% when compared to placebo.

Moreover, other trials resulted in increases in 1-RM by 14%, as well as increased lean muscle mass.

Found In:
MPO, Perform

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