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Ingredients Glossary

whey protein

Whey Isolate is absorbed quicker than any other protein on earth. When absorbed, whey isolate sends a rapid flood of amino acids into your bloodstream. These amino acids trigger muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the process that repairs and builds muscle.

Whey Concentrate:

Whey Concentrate is absorbed slower than whey isolate, but actually creates a greater spike in MPS. When the two types of protein are combined, there is a fast-acting and long-lasting spike in MPS that is ideal for muscle growth and repair.

Moreover, there is no protein on the planet that promotes MPS better than whey protein, this includes all types of foods and vegetarian proteins.

Whey Concentrate has the added bonus of being rich in immunoglobulins and bioactive peptides, which in turn provides numerous health benefits such as immunity & antioxidant support, lipid support, bone support, liver support, and heart support.


It is interesting to note that grass-fed whey isolate has 4% more protein, gram for gram than average whey isolates.

Additionally, grass-fed cow’s milk has greater CLA, Vitamin A & E, beta-Carotene and Omega-3 when compared to grain-fed cows.

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