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Dioxyme Brain vs. Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic: An In-Depth Product Comparison

Type in the words “best nootropic products” into Google and you’ll come across a whole bunch of different lists that include Mind Lab Pro’s “Universal Nootropic”.  

While it might be one of the hottest nootropic supplements currently on the market, a closer examination of the supplement facts reveals that Universal Nootropic has multiple shortcomings, which, at the end of the day, means that a single serving may not actually do a whole lot to enhance your mental capabilities.  

In order to discuss some of these shortcomings, we’re comparing Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic to “Brain”, our own physician-formulated nootropic supplement.  But before we jump into the product comparison, let’s first take a look at what kind of qualities you should be looking for in a safe and effective nootropic supplement.   

What Should You Look For In a Nootropic Supplement?

The ultimate goal of taking a nootropic -- whether it’s for your attention, memory, learning, etc -- is to achieve real, measurable improvements in your cognitive performance.  

First off, that means you only want to be taking nootropic supplements with ingredients that have been found to be effective across multiple well-designed human trials.  On top of that, you also want to be taking those ingredients at appropriate dosages -- even if you’re taking a particular substance that’s known to be effective, in order to feel those effects, you have to be consuming an adequate amount.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that many nootropic products -- no matter how popular -- ultimately don’t contain substances that have been proven effective.  Or even if they do, many products contain underdosed ingredients, meaning that a single serving ultimately doesn’t contain enough of the substance(s) to elicit the desired effects.  

Secondly, even if a product does contain an adequate amount of a given ingredient, in the long run, it’s going to be less effective than a supplement that combines multiple appropriately dosed, proven ingredients.  

That’s because each substance works through its own unique pathway, so combining multiple proven substances ultimately has synergistic effects -- i.e. together, the substances become more powerful than any one ingredient is on its own.  In order for that to happen though, you have to be taking the right substances at the right dosages.  

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What’s In Mind Lap Pro?

What Are The Shortcomings of Mind Lab Pro?

When it comes to actually affecting real, measurable improvements in cognitive function, the ingredient profile of Mind Lap Pro’s Universal Nootropic has multiple shortcomings.  

On top of containing underdosed ingredients, it also features several ineffective substances, which at the end of the day, means that consuming a single serving isn’t likely to lead to any kind of significant enhancements in your mental performance.  

It’s Underdosed In Bacopa Monnieri

Though there is an ample body of evidence to suggest that Bacopa Monnieri is an effective cognitive-enhancer, most studies with positive findings involved dosages in the range of 300 - 450 mg, whereas Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic only features 150 mg per serving. 

So althoughresearch does indicate that it can help to enhance several aspects of cognitive function, there’s simply not enough bacopa Monnieri in a single serving of Mind Lab Pro to elicit the type of metal improvements that have been observed in human-based research trials.  

It’s Underdosed in L-Tyrosine

On top of containing an inadequate amount of Bacopa Monnieri, Mind Lab Pro is also underdosed in l-tyrosine.  While several human-based studies have shown that L-tyrosine can help to improve things like your working memory and critical thinking, participants in most trials were given far greater dosages than what’s found in a single serving of Mind Lab Pro.  

In most studies where subjects demonstrated significant improvements in cognitive performance, they received 300+ mg of l-tyrosine, which is significantly more than the 175 mg in Mind Lab Pro.  

It Has Citicoline, not Alpha GPC

On top of containing underdoes ingredients, Mind Lap Pro also contains inferior substances.  Choline is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in brain function, and numerous studies have demonstrated that regular supplementation can lead to significant improvements in cognitive performance.  

However, research also shows that some types of choline -- we’re actually talking about choline precursors here -- are better than others, with most studies concluding that alpha GPCis the superior form.  

The issue is, Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic doesn’t contain alpha GPC, it contains citicoline, which you ultimately need more of in order to feel significant effects.  Because it’s at the low end of the standard dosage recommendation for choline (250 - 500 mg), and because it contains citicoline, not alpha GPC, it ultimately means that a single serving of Mind Lab Pro may likely not contain enough choline to elicit the desired effects.  

⫸L-Theanine Isn’t Effective Without Caffeine

The main drawback here isn’t that l-theanine is an underdosed or ineffective substance, but rather that in order to elicit any kind of positive effects, l-theanine has to be combined with caffeine, which isn’t featured in Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic.  

Without caffeine, l-theanine acts as a central nervous system depressant; it basically down-regulates the brain, and in this form, is often used as a sleep agent -- that’s the exact opposite of what you want from a brain-enhancing product.

It’s only when the two substances are combined that l-theanine’s cognition-enhancing effects can be observed -- numerous studies have demonstrated that once combined, l-theanine helps to increase things like attention and alertness to a greater degree than caffeine does on its own.  

B Vitamins May Not Help With Cognition in Healthy Folks

Lastly, another issue with Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic is that B vitamins are likely only going to help with cognition if you have deficiencies.  While several studies have demonstrated that certain vitamins like B12 can help to improve things like your working memory, these finds have only been observed in those with deficiencies; the same effects have not been observed in healthy individuals.  

At the end of the day, if you do have vitamin or mineral deficiencies, taking a multivitamin or some other more specialized micronutrient supplement is ultimately going to lead to greater improvements in your cognitive capabilities -- and your overall health -- in comparison to taking a nootropic product like Mind Lab Pro.  

What’s In Brain by Dioxyme?

Why is Brain The Better Choice?

Compared to Mind Lab Pro, which contains both underdosed and ineffective substances, Brain contains nothing but proven ingredients at clinical dosages, which, at the end of the day, means that a single serving contains the right amount of the right ingredientsto actually see real, perceivable improvements in cognitive function.    

It Has the Right Amount of L-Tyrosine

While both products do contain the proven cognitive-enhancer l-tyrosine, Brain contains a clinical dosage of 333 mg, while Mind Lab Pro is underdosed at just 175 mg per serving.  

While it might not seem like that big of a discrepancy, ultimately, it makes all the difference between experiencing real, perceivable effects, and being left to wonder whether or not the product is dong anything at all.  

It Features a Clinical Dosage of Alpha GPC

On top of l-tyrosine, both products also contain choline, an effective nootropic substance that’s been shown to enhance everything from your memory to your mental processing.  

However, Brain not only contains more choline that Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic (333 mg vs 250 mg), but its choline also comes from a superior source -- research shows that alpha GPC is a more effective choline precursor than citicoline.  

It Pairs L-Theanine With Caffeine

Finally, although each product does contain l-theanine, only Brain also includes caffeine in its ingredient synergy.  Research shows that without caffeine, l-theanine really won’t do anything to improve your cognitive capabilities.  

That’s why Brain pairs 67 mg of l-theanine with over 200 mg of extended-release caffeine, for up to six hours of increased mental performance, without the jitters and energy crash that can come along with regular caffeine.  

Wrap Up

Although Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic may be one of the popular nootropic products currently on the market, it contains underdosed and/or ineffective ingredients, which at the end of the day, means that a single serving likely won’t produce the kind of real, perceivable effects most people are after.  

In comparison, a single serving of Brain by Dioxyme contains nothing but proven nootropic ingredients at clinical dosages which collectively help to enhance everything from your mental processing to your executive functions for up to six hours.  

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