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Dioxyme Donates to Catch-a-Lift to Remember Everyone Deployed. RED

The meaning behind RED stands thickened beyond its simple three letters. RED is a movement, better known as Remember Everyone Deployed.

It’s far too easy for us to be consumed by our every-day lives. While you’re going to school or work every day, there are actively deployed men and women making sure you maintain your right to freedom. These are the men and women working tirelessly, soles aching, yet hyper-focused with the mindset of protecting our great country, the United States of America.

Remember Everyone Deployed - RED

Remember everyone deployed is a movement to show solidarity and support for our troops. How is this done? The simple act of wearing the color RED on Fridays in support of those that are serving you.

Wearing RED on Fridays to remember everyone deployed has become a statement. A statement which came alive after the terrible acts of 9/11. Originally a small act, done by spouses and family members showing remembrance to those overseas, is now much more than a “small act.”

Every big idea once starts small, but as their message has spread, RED has become a nation-wide movement. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

RED not only stands strong through moral support, RED gives back to the community through monetary donations to local and national non-profit organizations which support and aid those deployed and their families.

Who is the CAL Foundation

The CAL (Catch A Lift) Fund is a non-profit organization, founded by Lynn Coffland, which started in 2010. CAL helps post 9/11 combat wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in-home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs and a peer support network.

Is CAL really making a difference? You better believe it! Catch a Lift vets are seeing and feeling results including dramatic weight loss, reduction in medications, improved sleep patterns, and strengthened relationships with family and friends… all thanks to their healthier lifestyle.

A lot of these health goals may seem like just personal goals to some, but these are not just health goals. The tight-knit support of the fitness world is a crucial tool for helping veterans transition back into their normal lifestyles. This transition, in many cases, is not easy. Veterans often define their home as standing side by side with their brothers in the battlefield. CAL is here to help the transition of bringing our boys home… not just home, but HOME.

For the men and women who have served our great country, CAL understands the pragmatics and implications of what these soldiers have given up to keep us safe. They not only give up time spent away from education and loved ones, but they often have to miss out on important life moments. These life moments range from anniversaries and birthdays to watching their little boy or girl grow up.

The Catch A Lift Fund fights back in honor of helping these veterans. The CAL fund provides opportunity through fitness, social groups, and grants, to give them back a piece of what they deserve.

You Have My Attention, Tell Me How The CAL Fund Operates

The CAL system works a little something like this:

  • The start of this new life journey starts when the veteran applies.
  • Veterans then enter the “Landing Zone” which is a platform to kickstart their members’ fitness and nutrition journey while awaiting funding.
  • Once funding is secured, each veteran personalized fitness request is granted to fit their needs.
  • Catch A Lift Fund’s MAPS Program works to provide veterans with the three pillars proven to help veterans maximize their wellness potential: motivation, accountability and peer support.
  • For veterans who show a passion and business-minded desire to further their immersion in the fitness industry, CAL offers the opportunity for further education.
  • CAL works every day to foster and bring back the sense of comradery that veterans had during their military service. This is done through athletic competitions involving community support, personalized squad leader mentors, and nationwide benefits where members can meet fellow veterans and share their stories.
  • It is CAL’s goal that every veteran in their program goes on to lead a rich and healthy future. Many CAL veterans have gone on to be highly successful in their respective careers under the tenants of Healing minds, changing bodies and saving lives.

How Did Dioxyme Find out About RED and CAL… Meet Todd Sullivan

Todd Sullivan is a 30-year U.S. Navy veteran and master CrossFit athlete. He was recently ranked #52 in the world.


When Todd Sullivan isn’t out actively advocating for the CAL Foundation… you can find him tearing it up in his local CrossFit gym. Chalked, cracked, coarsely blistered and callused hands define the determination of a man who sacrificed so much to protect our country. He understands the importance of fitness as a therapeutic drive for creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle - not only in the gym but at home and in the greater community at large.

Todd operates with the same intensity overseas as he does through every drip of sweat gained in the gym. You can bet your ass that Todd wears RED every Friday.

Todd first reached out to our team wanting to educate us on the mission and meaning of RED - Remember Everyone Deployed. Just as important to us, Todd shares the bold perspective that fitness is medicine. With the pedagogy of RED bearing such importance to Todd, he thought what better way than incorporating Dioxyme into the picture. The advocacy and awareness of Todd’s actions are defining to how we build community.

He asked us if we would consider the idea of designing a RED Remember Everyone Deployed Dioxyme shirt. He then asked us if we would be willing to donate 100% of the profits as proceeds to the veteran non-profit.

Our answer… YES.

Todd made several non-profit suggestions and Dioxyme spoke with several. The Catch-a-Lift foundation was a perfect fit.

Dioxyme is proud to announce our Next Level brand, Remember Everyone Deployed RED Friday T-Shirt.” Roughly 80% of the proceeds from each shirt sold will go to the Cal Foundation to support our veterans.

Dioxyme not only supports the cause but strongly believes in the mission behind RED and the mission of the CAL Foundation. It was an easy YES, to say the least.

At Dioxyme, we truly believe that fitness is medicine. Fitness is a way to not only clear your mind, but an avenue to better health. Increasing your fitness can help you get off of medications, maintain overall better health, and yield improved confidence in your new self.

We greatly appreciate all of our veterans and active duty members of the military. We understand the sacrifices you have made to serve our country and we could not be more humbled to give back through the RED Friday Shirt and teaming up with the CAL Foundation.

We ask you to join us. Help us help those who've put their life on the line for our country. The Dioxyme RED Friday Shirt is the perfect way for you to join us in supporting RED and the Cal Foundation. This small purchase carries even greater purpose and is the perfect addition to your Friday workouts.

We encourage you to not only wear this shirt proudly but to further the message and share the story of RED with your friends and family.

Have fun with this… see if you can talk your local gym into joining the mission alongside you. Many gyms across the nation have jumped aboard, but we’ve only scratched the surface.

Just imagine… it’s Friday afternoon and you walk into your gym. What stands before you? A newfound sea of RED. A movement come alive.

All because of you. Because you believed in the movement and became an agent for change. For Community. For Betterment. For the Men and Women, Brothers and Sisters. For Freedom. For United States of America.

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