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3 of the Best Home Workouts Exploding in 2021

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown have caused everybody to stay at home for far longer than anyone anticipated. Whether the time was spent working, watching movies, inventing new baked goods, or maybe just eating them, the quarantine 15 was real and happening to just about everybody.

However, after a few months of general slobbishness, people began to get back into the groove and start working out again. That’s been crucial, not just for keeping in physical shape but keeping mental faculties honed and ready and staving off the creeping depression that the quarantine brought with it. Here are three of the best home workouts exploding in popularity for 2021.

1. Resistance Bands

One of the simplest yet most effective home workout trends making a comeback is resistance bands, which can be used to supplement all different types of workouts. One of the best methods for beginners to get a good workout is trying pull-ups with bands.

If you regularly struggle to complete consecutive pullups, using a resistance band can be a huge help. It’s super simple, all you have to do is loop the band around the bar, put a knee or foot into the bottom loop, and use that to pull yourself up.

When you’re a little stronger, you won’t need this crutch as much, but it’s a great way to strength train without dangerously overexerting muscles.

Pullups may not be the newest workout element, but it’s one of the most challenging. It helps build a better, strong form, improves stability, and boosts flexibility, too. When performing a correct pull-up, the arms should be straight when lowering, and the knees should be bent.

2. Pilates

If you’ve never tried Pilates, you may not think it will be that difficult. After all, how hard can it be to make those tiny movements? The low-impact flexibility exercises combine with repetitive contraction of the core muscles produce a satisfying burn that helps boost overall endurance.

It engages muscle groups and then works them using efficient movements, proper alignment, and balance to provide a surprisingly challenging and effective workout.

Pilates has a few great benefits, too. For those looking to tone up, Pilates is the perfect way to do so. It increases muscle strength, tones, and slims, all while making core muscles stronger than ever. Another great benefit? You get much greater muscular control and an innate grace after doing Pilates regularly for a few months.

3. Bowka

Most people have heard of Zumba, but Bowka is the new home workout that can be performed alone, with a group over Zoom, or in a class if there wasn’t a pandemic going on outside.

Bowka is a blend of traditional hip-hop, step aerobics, and South African-style dance that really provides some cardiovascular benefits and gets the blood pumping.

One terrific benefit is that Bowka is perfect for people with little to no danceability. For those with no natural rhythm, something like Zumba could be kind of tricky. However, the dances and movements utilized in Bowka are based on the shapes of letters and numbers.

This is an ingenious method that makes it extremely simple to learn, and of course, the steps can be jazzed up with extra booty-shaking and shimmies for an enjoyable, genuinely fun time while burning off those extra calories.

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Try These 3 Popular At-Home Workouts

Even if you’re still stuck at home because of lockdown there’s no reason you can’t still exercise and look fabulous. Three of the best trends to try for home exercising plans are resistance bands, Pilates, and Bowka, which help increase strength, improve performance, and boost overall health and wellness.

For those who have gained a few pounds, these exercises will have those pounds melting off in no time. Try the above options for your next workout and for something a little fun and different.

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