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Muscle Growth Essentials

strength & size

Muscle Growth Essentials

strength & size

The Muscle Growth Essentials stack contains our most essential products that help you gain lean muscle mass. The collection includes MPO, a stimulant-free, physician formulated, athletic performance enhancer, and Grass-Fed Ultra Whey, a cold-processed native whey that is crucial for recovery. We’ve also included a free download of our Building Muscle eBook.*

Our essential products for real muscle growth results.

  • improve your workouts*
  • stimulate your muscle growth, repair and recovery*
  • stimulant-free to prevent jitters*
  • smooth taste flavored by artisan trained chefs

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what's included?


Muscle Performance Optimizer

MPO is a stimulant-free, all-natural, athletic performance enhancer that improves the way your muscles work. Experience real increases in your muscle strength, power, endurance, and recovery. Be prepared to be a better athlete and set new PRs.*

The first of its kind, physician formulated pre-workout.

  • improve your workouts with the ability to increase reps, sets, weight, and time under tension*
  • maximize your cardio and interval training by increasing aerobic/anaerobic capacity*
  • stimulate your muscle growth, repair and recovery*
  • stimulant-free to prevent jitters and an overloaded central nervous system*


Grass-Fed Ultra Whey

Whey protein is your health & fitness superfood. Rich in antioxidants, whey supports your mental function, cardiovascular health, and bone metabolism. It is also the best protein source available to help you build lean muscle.*

We have the most effective protein formula on the market:

  • cold-processed native whey from grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free cows.
  • digestive enzymes for up to 3x better protein absorption*
  • smooth, delicious taste flavored by artisan trained chefs

suggested use


Drink MPO 30 minutes prior to exercise. MPO is not meant to be sipped. Drink completely at one time. To gain muscle we recommend taking MPO daily, even on days off. It is not necessary to cycle on and off MPO.

post-workout: Drink whey protein following any workout, game, or match to maximize recovery. meal replacement: Whey protein can serve as a light, low-calorie meal. We recommend mixing it with yogurt and/or peanut butter for a filling, high protein snack. before bed: To prevent muscle breadown while you sleep, it is often recommended to have a whey protein shake before bed.


MPO is not a traditional pre-workout. It is the first of its kind, physician formulated, athletic performance enhancer. Experience real increases in your muscle strength, power, endurance, and recovery.

Yes and no.

We recommend taking MPO before all workouts and competitions like a pre-workout. That said, MPO does not contain any stimulants like traditional pre-workouts. Instead, the ingredients in MPO actually improve the way your muscles function to improve workouts and athletic performance.

If you are looking to build muscle, we recommend taking MPO every day, including days off.

MPO will kick in in 30 minutes.**

If you are using this prior to training, we suggest you take MPO at least 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

If you are using this for athletic competition, most of our professional athletes take MPO 30 minutes before the competition starts.

The term grass-fed is often misleading.

For example, grass-fed cows in California are required to eat grass at some point during their lifetime. That said, these cows are oftentimes still fed lots of grains.

Our cows are 100% grass-fed though. This means their diets are grass-only diets.

Additionally, our cows are free from steroids and hormones, and live 100% of the time in-pasture.

Grass-fed cow’s milk has more naturally-occurring CLA, Vitamin A & E, beta-Carotene and Omega-3 when compared to grain-fed cows.**

Additionally, grass-fed cows yield the highest quality of whey protein isolate and concentrate available.

We only use whey isolate and whey concentrate for 2 reasons:

1. Protein bioavailability (BV) is the amount of protein your body can actually use when you consume it. Whey has the highest BV of any protein on the planet.

Whey has a higher BV by 20-40% when compared to egg, meat, fowl, and fish. That percentage is even higher when compared to casein and milk proteins.

This means that gram for gram, your body can use whey better than other other protein source available.

2. When companies add additional proteins to their products, they dumb down their formulas, take advantage of FDA loopholes, and create a cheap product by minimizing the expensive ingredients.

Yes, whey isolate and whey concentrate are the most expensive types of protein, even moreso when they come from grass-fed cows, but they are also the only ones that work better than food.

Yes. MPO and Grass-Fed Ultra Whey Protein are produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), state of the art facility to ensure quality and your safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Selina Hinojosa
It’s working!!!💪

I’ve been using the Muscle Growth Stack for 2 weeks! I noticed the strength increase in the very first workout. I also feel like I can lift heavier and with more intensity. My legs look more muscular already! I’m excited to see more!

Aljorand Liston
Muscle growth and strength improvement

This product is amazing......the results I'm seeing after my workouts is 1000% this is real after taking it....... Looking forward to trying all there products.....thank you DIOXYME.....

aris Almonte
Excellent products

I love it

Thuyvy LE
Great stack

Saw an Instagram post about these products and decided to take a look. Straight forward company that products have no hidden ingredients. Will order again.

Alannah P.

I love Dioxyme products. I have used their whey protein in the past and I’ve recently been trying out their 6:3:3 amino acids and MPO. So far so good!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Warning Prop 65 for California Residents: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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