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grass-fed ultra whey


grass-fed ultra whey

Whey protein is your health & fitness superfood. Rich in antioxidants, whey supports your mental function, cardiovascular health, and bone metabolism. It is also the best protein source available to help you build lean muscle.*

We have the most effective protein formula on the market:

  • cold-processed native whey from grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free cows.
  • digestive enzymes for up to 3x better protein absorption*
  • smooth, delicious taste flavored by artisan trained chefs

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protein per




price / gram
of protein

type of

27g 6.4g 13.3g $.063 WPI 93 WPC 80
ASCENT native fuel 25g 5.7g 12g $.048 WPI + WPC
GARDEN OF LIFE sport 24g 6g 12.8g $.119 WPI + MP
KLEAN ATHLETE klean isolate 20g 4.4g 9.2g $.13 WPI
LADDER whey protein 26g ?? ?? $.09 MPI + WPI
MOMENTOUS essential whey 20g 4.8g 10.1g $.135 WPI
ONNIT whey protein 20g ?? ?? $.1 WPI
SFH pure whey 23g 5.5g 11.8g $.081 WPC
THORNE whey protein isolate 21g 4.6g 9.9g $.081 WPI

disclaimer. Dioxyme is not affiliated with the brands in this comparison chart.

key. wpi: whey protein isolate ... wpc: whey protein concentrate ... mp: milk protein

Whey: The Most Effective Protein

build lean muscle

Whey protein is recognized as the best biologically active protein for building muscle. This leads to increased strength and athletic performance. Studies show whey is significantly better than egg, beef, casein, and plant protein.1

lose fat and maintain tone

Whey protein can help you lose fat and maintain muscle in calorie restricted diets combined with exercise.2

a health superfood

Recognized as far back as the ancient Greeks for its health benefits, whey is a superfood rich in antioxidants and immunoglobulins. Bioactive peptides in whey support mental function, cardiovascular health, and bone metabolism.3,4

our ingredients

We use trial-proven ingredients at clinically-backed doses that produce measurable results. We never hide behind prop blends or label loopholes.

Grass-Fed Whey Isolate 93

19.5 grams

Our whey isolate comes from grass-fed cows, is organically cold processed, and is not denatured.

Whey isolate is the fastest absorbed protein on the planet. When consumed, it provides a rapid surge of amino acids into the bloodstream. This flood triggers Muscle Protein Synthesis (the process that repairs and builds muscle). Whey triggers Muscle Protein Synthesis better than any other known protein source.5,6

This is crucial following any exercise.

Did you know your body is always in the process of either building muscle, or breaking it down? The only way to repair muscle after workouts, and build muscle for that matter, is to turn off muscle breakdown, and flip the switch for Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS). For an in-depth guide on MPS please refer to this article.

Grass-Fed Whey Concentrate 80

10.8 grams

Our whey concentrate also comes from grass-fed cows, is organically cold processed, and is not denatured.

Whey concentrate is absorbed slightly slower than whey isolate. That said, it actually triggers a greater spike in Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) than whey isolate. When combined, the isolate and concentrate trigger a quick, sustained, and powerful flow of MPS. This is ideal for recovery and growth.1,7

Whey concentrate is also a health superfood that provides many benefits.

  • immunity and antioxidant support 8,
  • lipid, liver, and heart support 3
  • bone support 10

Full Spectrum Digestive Enzymes

3x Improved Absorption

Our grass-fed whey protein contains a full spectrum of digestive enzymes that include Alpha & Beta Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase, and Cellulase.

Digestive enzymes are a key part of the digestion process, and have recently become popular for their role in gut health. Specifically, our digestive enzymes will help you breakdown and absorb protein more efficiently, and they will increase the effectiveness of protein by 3x.11

Additionally, digestive enzymes eliminate any issues with digestion and lactose tolerance.

Why Grass Fed?

humane dairy farming

We source our whey from sustainable Irish & Scotish farms where they follow strictest and most humane standards in the world. Our cows are 100% in-pasture, free range, and grass-fed.

the highest quality protein

Our grass-fed whey isolate has 4% more protein gram for gram than average whey isolates.

Whey concentrate can vary between 32% and 80% protein. Of course, our grass-fed whey concentrate is the full 80% protein, which is why it’s smooth, not clumpy, and light, instead of heavy in your stomach.

healthier (as nature intended)

Grass-fed cow’s milk is higher in CLA, Vitamin A & E, beta-Carotene and Omega-3 when compared to grain-fed cows.**

trained artisan chefs

Just like any farm-to-table culinary experience, our Grass-Fed Whey Protein is meant to be enjoyed.

We take great pride that our protein is flavored by trained artisan chefs. They utilize all natural ingredients, and spend countless hours in the kitchen perfecting their craft to provide you the best experience possible.

Because of our delicious flavors, our Grass-Fed Whey Protein is perfect for protein shakes, baking, curbing sweet cravings, and as meal replacements.

Refer to our recipes section for inspriation, and send us your latest creations.

suggested use

what to mix It with

protein shakes: In a shaker cup, mix 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of cold water or your favorite milk. smoothies: In a blender, mix 1 scoop with nut butters, yogurt, milk, greens, fruits, or superfoods. recipes: Add protein to your favorite pancake, waffle, or baking mix.

when to mix it

post-workout: Drink whey protein following any workout, game, or match to maximize recovery. meal replacement: Whey protein can serve as a light, low-calorie meal. We recommend mixing it with yogurt and/or peanut butter for a filling, high protein snack. before bed: To prevent muscle breadown while you sleep, it is often recommended to have a whey protein shake before bed.

We’re 3rd party tested to ensure quality, safety, and label accuracy.

Did you know that supplement companies are not required to test their products and FDA regulation is limited? We invest in the certification you must earn: Informed Sport.

This 3rd party certification ensures our products follow professional, collegiate, and Olympic standards by testing every single batch for banned substances. With Informed Sport, you can be confident your reputation is in safe hands.

In addition, to ensure your safety as per FDA and cGMP standards, our products are further tested for heavy metals, yeast and bacterial counts.


The term grass-fed is often misleading.

For example, grass-fed cows in California are required to eat grass at some point during their lifetime. That said, these cows are oftentimes still fed lots of grains.

Our cows are 100% grass-fed though. This means their diets are grass-only diets.

Additionally, our cows are free from steroids and hormones, and live 100% of the time in-pasture.

Grass-fed cow’s milk has more naturally-occurring CLA, Vitamin A & E, beta-Carotene and Omega-3 when compared to grain-fed cows.**

Additionally, grass-fed cows yield the highest quality of whey protein isolate and concentrate available.

Yes, our Grass-Fed Ultra Whey Protein is certified by Informed Sport who tests for over 220 performance enhancing drugs as identified by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Our flavored proteins are sweetened with organic stevia and organic cane sugar.

We only use whey isolate and whey concentrate for 2 reasons:

1. Protein bioavailability (BV) is the amount of protein your body can actually use when you consume it. Whey has the highest BV of any protein on the planet.

Whey has a higher BV by 20-40% when compared to egg, meat, fowl, and fish. That percentage is even higher when compared to casein and milk proteins.

This means that gram for gram, your body can use whey better than other other protein source available.

2. When companies add additional proteins to their products, they dumb down their formulas, take advantage of FDA loopholes, and create a cheap product by minimizing the expensive ingredients.

Yes, whey isolate and whey concentrate are the most expensive types of protein, even moreso when they come from grass-fed cows, but they are also the only ones that work better than food.

Our Grass-Fed Ultra Whey Protein is produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), state of the art facility to ensure quality and your safety.

Moreover, the facility manufacturing Grass-Fed Ultra Whey is independently inspected and registered GMP by NSF International. This means the facility has agreed to follow the strictest standards in the manufacturing business.

Whey protein is an integral part to any weight loss diet.

For starters, a whey protein shake or snack is an excellent low-calorie meal replacement.

Additionally, people often lose muscle alongside fat while dieting. That said, consuming whey protein will help you maintain that lean muscle.

For more information on protein and weight loss, check out this article.

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Tate K.

Great taste and great results 🤝❤️

Alisha M.
Almost perfect

Flavor is good. Quality is stellar!! Only issue I have is sometimes it doesn't mix thoroughly no matter how vigorous I shake. Therefore, little unmixed powder balls slither down your throat. The sensation is rather unpleasant but bearable.

L Finn

Love the variety pack. Taste great

Donald Kleckner
My favorite protein powder

Tried many different protein powders, this is by far my favorite and quite frankly the best. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing-- you will not be disappointed!

Grass fed whey protein

I just love everything about this! It is beyond easy to use , just add water! and tastes great!!’


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** This information is derived from published scientific literature and it is not intended to imply, promise, or recommend that our product will have this effect on you.

Warning Prop 65 for California Residents: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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