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Our Story…

…begins with a young man’s dream to play pro hockey, and his father’s unrelenting desire to help make that dream a reality.

The young man woke up each day knowing he had to work harder than the next guy, understanding he was not gifted with any innate special talents other than hard work and a dream. Day in and day out he worked tirelessly. Speed, size, strength, skills. These would all become part of his toolbox.

All the while, his father watched, motivated, helped, and wished the best for his son. The father made no concessions as he spent his time taking his son to train and play. He learned about the game, about sports nutrition, and how to make his son the best athlete possible.

The young man left home to further his career, and to prove that he would meet his goals. He made his way up the ranks from high school, to juniors, to college, and then finally to the pros. The training never ceased at any level, and he was always looking for a leg up on the competition.

His father always had something up his sleeve. New training techniques, better nutrition, and continued motivation. Plyometrics and olympic lifts made the young man bigger, explosive, and stronger, high speed treadmill training made him faster, and coaches made him more skilled. Everything would lead to improvements… except for supplements.

Supplements would make no difference in the young man’s training, and would have no affect on his on-ice performance. The father, a surgeon, patent holder, and mad scientist, could not understand why until he began his research. What he found was unsettling to say the least. He found studies with many ingredients that would benefit his son, but he could not find any companies that included all of the ingredients at the effective and scientific doses he read about. All he found instead were shiny products with complicated labels.

The mad scientist called his son and told him to go to the store to pick up the raw ingredients in bulk. The two begin mixing supplements themselves, and they were stunned. After taking the homemade concotions, the young man saw noticable differences in the gym and on the ice. The first supplements were born, and when the young man hung up the skates, he and his father started DIOXYME to help other athletes and dreamers looking to be healthy.

supplements with morals

We founded DIOXYME to make a difference. Our products promote the active lifestyle, improve athletic performance, and provide health benefits. All of our supplements follow our strict QSE Standards. Each ingredient has been proven effective, and we always use a pharmaceutical dose. No gimmicks. We care about results.

QSE Standards

Premier Ingredients. Scientific Dosages. 3rd Party Tested.


Not all supplements are created equal. We only use premier ingredients that scientists have tested and proven effective.

Fit for world class athletes, and that promote an active lifestyle.

Our products provide a difference you can feel.


All of our products are manufactured in a Certified GMP Facility. GMP regulations ensure safety from lead or heavy metal contamination, bacteria and mold, and unsafe substances.

In addition, we 3rd Party Batch test products thru Informed-Choice to ensure your safety. A supplement that bears the Informed Choice logo has been tested for over 220 performance enhancing drugs.


Proper dosing is vital to the effectiveness of any ingredient. A doctor doesn’t offer half of a prescription, and neither do we.

Our products have the optimal doses found in scientific trials so you can maximize your potential. Cutting corners with sub-par dosages may increase profits, but it will not help you.

Front Office

Dr. Marc S. Schneider, M.D., P.A.

Marc S. Schneider, M.D., P.A.
Co-Founder and R+D

Bennett T. Schneider

Bennett T. Schneider
Co-Founder and CEO

Joseph A. Quattrocchi

Joseph A. Quattrocchi
Head of Marketing Operations


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