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affiliate program

Are you passionate about our brand? Become a brand diplomat to spread the word while raking in rewards.

become a diplomat

Do you want to become a sponsored athlete, aka a “Diplomat”? Or do you just have an audience who you think would love our products? Join our affiliate program to earn a commission when you drive new customers to try Dioxyme products.

Dioxyme has partnered with to provide a third party tracking platform to manage our affiliate program. The more your network uses your referrals, the more you can expect to earn. We provide Diplomats the opportunity to receive product, swag, blog / social media exposure, and real earnings based on your commissions. Besides free product and money, our top-ranked Diplomats will have an opportunity to join us at huge international events with some of our World-Class Athletes.

If you’re motivated, if you want to use the most effective products on the market, and if you want to join our growing team, then apply now to become a Diplomat.


    How do I earn credit for sales I drive?

    There are 3 ways to get credited for an online sale.

    1. Coupon Code
    When someone makes a purchase online using your unique coupon code during checking, you will be credited with a sale.

    2. Affiliate Link
    If someone visits our website from your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will be credited with an online sale.

    3. Coupon Link
    If someone visits our website from your coupon link and makes a purchase, you will be credited with an online sale.

    How do I track my sales?

    You can track your online sales through the Online Portal on your account. will keep track of and store all sales you’ve driven from the date you sign up and are accepted into the Dioxyme program.

    Can I sell wholesale to retailers?

    Yes. If you know a store owner who is interested in carrying our line, please email their information to Our sales staff will reach out, and if they are able to close the sale you may be eligible for a commission.

    If you wish to be a full-time salesperson please email our sales department at

    How soon after a sale is it credited to me?

    Tracked sales are usually reflected in the portal within an hour of them being placed, but please allow up to 24 hours. If you believe you should have credit for a sale that isn’t showing after the 24 hour mark please reach out to

    Who do I contact for help with sales, demos or my account?

    All questions about our partner program can be directed towards eAccountable professionally manages our partner program and works closely with the Dioxyme team.

    For all other inquiries please reach out to and we will direct your question to a team member who can best help you.

    What are things I cannot do?

    There are only a few common sense guidelines to follow:

    ● Affiliates are not permitted to bid on the Dioxyme trademark or run direct linking search campaigns to

    ● Do not post excessive foul language, racial content, verbal attacks, nudity, or criminal activity. If it seems questionable you probably shouldn’t post it. All we ask is that you positively represent the company in a professional and responsible manner.

    ● Personal 30% off codes are only for you. Do not let other people use your personal code.

    Violations of the program will, unfortunately, lead to your termination from the program and could lead to forfeiture of your unpaid commissions.


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