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maximum muscular potential calculator

How much muscle can you build naturally?

Your maximum muscular potential (MMP) is an estimate of how much muscle mass you can build without the help of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and HGH.

While there are a number of different formulas out there, we’ve chosen to use 2 of the most popular (and accurate) ones.  The simpler formula only requires your height and weight and while it may not be quite as accurate as others that use more metrics, it’s still a pretty good estimate.

The second of the two formulas is probably the most accurate formula when it comes to estimating your muscle-building potential and in addition to your height and weight, it also takes into account things like your wrist and ankle circumferences.  

Martin Berkhan Formula (Simplest)

The Berkhan formula is a rough estimate of how much lean muscle mass you can have at 5 – 6% body fat, which is about how lean a pro bodybuilder would be on competition day. 

The formula is pretty easy, you simply subtract 100 from your height in centimeters to find out your MMP, which is represented by your maximum natural weight in kilos at 5% – 6% body fat. 


Maximum Muscular Potential

Based on the information provided, your Maximum Muscular Potential (MMP) is between

Here’s what it looks like for someone who’s 182cm (6ft) tall:

182 – 100 = 82kg

82kg x 2.2 = 180.4 lbs

It’s important to point out, however, that while this formula might give a reasonable estimate to most, it may not be as accurate when it comes to assessing the muscle-building potential of those who are genetically gifted.   

Casey Butt Formula (Advanced)

The Butt formula is a bit more complicated that the Berkhan formula.  It also takes into account your bone structure and frame size by way of your wrist and ankle circumferences.  On top of that, your body fat percentage is also taken into consideration when determining your maximum natural lean body mass. 


Maximum Muscular Potential

Based on the information provided, we have calculated the following maximum muscular potentials based on the Casey Butt formulas.

  • Maximum Lean Body Mass is __
  • Maximum Body Weight is __
  • Bulked Maximum Body Weight is __

Your estimated maximum muscle measurements at 10% body fat are:

_ _
_ _
_ _

Here’s what the formula looks like:

  • H = height (inches)
  • A = ankle circumference
  • W = wrist circumference
  • %bf = body fat percentage


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