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Who We Are

we're a father-son run family business that specializes in craft supplements that work.

our story...

…begins with a son’s dream to play pro hockey, and his father’s unrelenting desire to help make that dream a reality.

Bennett (the son) began each day knowing he had to work harder than the next guy. He understood he was not gifted with any innate special talents other than hard work and a dream. He worked day in and day out on his speed, size, strength and skills.

All the while, his father watched, motivated and helped. He learned about the game, about sports nutrition, and how to make his son the best athlete possible.

Bennett left home to further his career, working his way up the ranks from high school, to college, and then finally to the pros. He was always looking for a leg up on the competition.

To help, Marc usually had something up his sleeve. New training techniques, better nutrition, different workouts. Everything would lead to improvements… except for supplements. Somehow, supplements never made any difference in his son’s training or game.

Marc, a surgeon, patent holder and mad scientist, could not understand why, so he dug into it. Scientific studies proved many ingredients could help his son. Unfortunately, most supplement companies didn’t use those ingredients in their products, and if they did, it was at the wrong dose. “Snake oil.”

So, the mad scientist bought raw ingredients, and the two began mixing supplements. They were stunned. The homemade concotions finally made a difference in the gym and on the ice. The first supplements were born, and when Bennett hung up the skates, the two decided to start Dioxyme to provide the most effective products on the market… one’s that actually work.

Bennett & Dr. Marc Schneider


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