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The Truth

this industry is full of gimmicks, false claims, and snake oil. we set out to do something different.

most supplements don’t work. ours do.

People say supplements are unsafe and just a gimmick. As a supplement company, we’ll be the first to tell you there’s a lot of truth to that… That said, there’s a couple things you need to understand:

01. sketchy brands

When I first began formulating products, I combed thru thousands of hours of medical journals. The research revealed the right supplements at the right dose actually do benefit health and athletic performance.

Unfortunately though, most brands make products that don’t work. They usually don’t use the right ingredients, and when they do they merely sprinkle them in at sub-optimal doses. With great marketing, it’s the easy way to make money.

What’s more troubling however, is that many companies use unlisted, and often dangerous ingredients in their products. Customers feel a difference, but they don’t realize they are feeling the effects of spiked products containing elicit steroids, SARMS, or other banned substances.

02. sketchy manufacturers

After formulating our first products, we reached out to manufacturers to being production. To ensure safety and quality, we sent everything to an independent lab for testing. We were shocked. We found out our active ingredients were either missing or severely underdosed.

Of course, we never released those products and have since changed our production practices. Unfortunately though, we found this manufacturing trick is pretty much standard in the industry.

Needless to say, we always 3rd party test and certify our products. We ensure they are clean, and as we intend them to be. That is to say, what’s on the label is in the product. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The Bottom Line

I am a successful surgeon, author and patent holder. My credibility and morals have always been my livelihood.

With that said, I assure you supplements do work. The right ingredients at the right dose will yield results.

But you need to do your research. You need to look for brands who have the proper certifications, who are third party tested, and who use NSF certified GMP facilities.

I am proud of the products we create, and the unique process we employ. I confidently recommend our products to all my patients, and I can confidently recommend them to you.

– Marc S. Schneider M.D. P.A.


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