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Masters CrossFit

todd sullivan

Todd Sullivan is a 30-year U.S. Navy veteran and a Masters CrossFit Athlete currently ranked #52 in the world.


Todd enlisted as submarine sailor in 1988 and climbed the enlisted ranks to Chief Petty Officer prior to receiving his commission. He served aboard three submarines, a fast action combat support surface ship, and has completed boots on the ground tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

In early 2018, Todd retired from the Navy as the Commanding Officer of the Navy recruiting district in Nashville, TN and has embarked on a second career in the private sector.

Todd started playing soccer at age 5 and played competitively until recent years. As a high school athlete he ran cross country and played soccer. After high school he added road cycling into the mix and ran his first marathon at age 19.

Todd Sullivan Active Duty
Todd Sullivan Training

Todd found CrossFit in 2013 and initially used it to supplement his long distance running. “I remember going to my fundamental class being coached by this little female and thinking, I can kill this” stated Sullivan…only to find out his new coach was a staple athlete at the CrossFit Regionals competition. “The next few month were very humbling, but with great coaching I was able to make progress.”

Todd got serious about CrossFit when he moved to middle Tennessee in 2014. “I partnered up with a great, young coach – a coach who saw me as an individual athlete with potential.” It was with his new coach that Todd really worked at competing, both on the local and national stage.
Todd’s biggest accomplishments in the sport of fitness so far have been placing 52nd in the world in the 2017 CrossFit OPEN and 5th in the 2017 Granite Games – fueled by Dioxyme supplements.

Todd Sullivan Dioxyme

Todd coaches CrossFit, endurance running, mobility, and indoor rowing, as well as nutrition to athletes. Todd and his wife Amy have a complete home gym to supplement their training.

Todd and Amy are “empty-nesters” with two adult children. Michael, the oldest resides in CT and is a rugby player. Their daughter, Leah, lives in GA with her husband, an Air Force pilot and their two dogs.


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