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victor b. green

In 1993, Victor Green joined the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Akron. The next year he earned the starting Strong Safety position for the Jets. His passion for excellence and dedication enabled him to lead the NFL in tackles in 1995 and 1996. In the 1996 game against the Buffalo Bills, Green set a New York Jets team record with 20 tackles (13 solo and 7 assists). During his 9 year history with the team, Green was named the “Best Strong Safety” in Jets history. In 2003, he was honored by being placed on the Jets “Four Decades Team”. Victor remains third on the Jets all-time interception list, fifth on the Jets all-time tackle list and is on the “Iron Mans List” for 180 consecutive games played in his career.

Victor demonstrates the true spirit of dedication and perseverance. Following high school, Victor attended International Technical Institute Tampa, FL, where he earned an Associate degree in Marketing and then attended Copiah Lynch Community College where he was twice named to the “Grid Iron All-American” team and earned an Associates of Arts degree. Yearning to continue his playing career, Victor earned a scholarship to play D1 football for the University of Akron where he had 9 interceptions and 1 TD.

Victor’s foundation, the Victor Green Foundation, raises funds to benefit non-profit youth programs that focus on teaching and encouraging the value of eduction, physical fitness, wellness, and positive character.

Victor still trains 5-6 days a week and trains his son who is a high-school football player. Victor joined DIOXYME after first trying MPO. “I have tried every legal supplement and DIOXYME products are literally the first that do what they say they can do. I was so impressed, I decided to partner with DIOXYME and spread the word on what physician formulated supplements can do. On MPO, I hack-squated 1050 lbs, which is 400 lbs more than I ever did when I was playing… and that was over 10 years ago. My son has added 20 lbs of muscle and his strength has gone through the roof over the last 5 months with MPO.”


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