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Muscle Growth Stack

  • Stimulate and Maximize Muscle Growth and Repair
  • Build Muscle Size and Strength
  • Improve Muscle Endurance and Recovery
  • Decrease Muscle Fatigue, Breakdown and Soreness

Grass-Fed Ultra Whey

BCAA Vmino

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Maximal Muscle Growth and Repair

MPO for Muscle Growth

MPO The X Factor

MPO is an Informed Sport Certified non-stimulant pre-workout.

MPO is not meant to give you a rush of jittery energy like traditional pre-workouts. Instead, MPO is designed to actually improve the way your muscles work.

MPO is a performance aid that will improve training sessions by giving you improved muscular endurance, strength and power.

MPO is guaranteed to enable you to do more reps, push more weight and put your muscles thru more Time Under Tension. All of this leads to greater size and strength gains.

Because MPO is Informed Sport Certified, it is completely safe for collegiate, pro and Olympic athletes.

  • Creatine Monohydrate increases the available energy in the muscle.
  • HMB stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) by triggering mTOR. MPS is the primary driver of muscle repair and growth.
  • HICA prevents muscle breakdown, while also increasing MPS thru different pathways.
  • Phosphatidic Acid triggers MPS, again thru different pathways, and decreases muscle breakdown.
  • Beta-Alanine neutralizes and buffers acid in the muscle so it can function more efficiently.

Grass-Fed Whey Recover & Grow

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is the key mechanism used by your body to repair muscle after intense exercise, and to grow new muscle.

In fact, throughout every day, your muscle is either in the process of building (MPS), or it is breaking down.

That said, in order to build or repair muscle, we need to turn off muscle breakdown and trigger MPS.

Lucky for us, no protein on the planet promotes MPS better than whey protein.

  • Whey Protein Isolate for immediate Muscle Protein Synthesis.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate for the greatest spike of MPS.
  • WPI + WPC combo to maximize muscle growth and repair.
  • Our cows follow the highest standards for organic, 100% grass-fed and in-pasture guidelines.
  • Hormone- and antibiotic-free cows
  • No Soy, No GMO, No Junk Fillers, No Dyes, No Gluten
  • Delicious taste you’ll look forward to!
Grass Fed Ultra Whey Protein for Muscle Growth

BCAA's for Muscle Growth

BCAA’s Endurance & Repair

When you exercise intensely, your muscles begin to breakdown. Scientists call this exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD).

BCAA’s decrease this muscle damage, as well as decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

BCAA’s also stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) that is part of the muscle recovery and rebuilding process.

Amazingly, BCAA’s can also decrease muscle fatigue during exertion.

Decreasing muscle breakdown, muscle fatigue, and muscle soreness leads to more effective training, and stimulating MPS leads to greater muscle growth.

  • Vegan BCAA’s – Did you know most aminos on the market are derived from duck feathers, animal skin, cock combs, and animal hair? BCAA Vmino uses plant-based non-GMO BCAA’s.
  • 2:1:1 Ratio – Scientific trials have shown that a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine : Isoleucine : Valine is the most effective combination for real results.
  • 0g Carbs and 0g Sugars
  • No Artificial Dyes and No Fillers
  • Added Bicarb Electrolytes – Help buffer lactic acid in the muscle to boost muscle endurance

How to Best Use The Muscle Growth Stack

Guidelines on how to get the most out of your stack

MPO Muscle Performance Optimizer

To maximize muscle growth, MPO should be taken daily.

MPO should be taken 30 minutes before every workout, and should be taken on off days to continue maximizing muscle gains.

MPO can also be taken before a game or long training session. Not only will it improve your muscle endurance, but more importantly it will decrease muscle breakdown.

When taken throughout the course of a season, athletes can expect to dramatically decrease muscle loss.

MPO for Muscle Growth

GFUW Grass-Fed Ultra Whey

Grass-Fed Whey is king when it comes to muscle recovery and growth.

At any given time, your body is either breaking down, or is in the process of growing.

Consuming whey is how we make sure our muscles aren’t breaking down, and are instead growing.

As such, we recommend taking Grass-Fed Whey in the morning, after a workout, and before bed to truly maximize muscle growth.

Your ideal dosing of daily protein should be 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you are a 175 pound athlete, this means taking 175 grams of protein a day. Our Grass-Fed Whey has 27g of protein per serving.

Protein for Muscle Growth

VMINO Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA’s prevent muscle breakdown, and like Whey Protein, they stimulate muscle growth.

That said, unlike protein, BCAA’s reduce exercise fatigue, and actually reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

As such, we recommend taking BCAA’s before your workouts, and Whey Protein after your workouts.

Ideally, to maximize muscle growth you should take both your MPO and BCAA’s as your pre-workout stack.

It is also a great idea to take BCAA’s once more during the day to maximize muscle growth.

BCAA's for Muscle Growth

Example Day for the Fat Loss Stack

This is one way you can structure your supplement schedule on an exercise day.

  • When You Wakeup

    • 1 serving of GFUW
  • Before Lunch

    • 1 scoop of BCAA VMINO
  • 30 Minutes Before Activity

    • 1 scoop of BCAA VMINO
    • 1 serving of MPO
  • After Workout

    • 1 scoop of GFUW

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It’s working!!!💪

I’ve been using the Muscle Growth Stack for 2 weeks! I noticed the strength increase in the very first workout. I also feel like I can lift heavier and with more intensity. My legs look more muscular already! I’m excited to see more!

Muscle growth and strength improvement

This product is amazing......the results I'm seeing after my workouts is 1000% this is real after taking it....... Looking forward to trying all there products.....thank you DIOXYME.....

Excellent products

I love it

Great stack

Saw an Instagram post about these products and decided to take a look. Straight forward company that products have no hidden ingredients. Will order again.


I love Dioxyme products. I have used their whey protein in the past and I’ve recently been trying out their 6:3:3 amino acids and MPO. So far so good!

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