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BCAA Vmino Vegan Aminos


Reduce soreness, recover quickly and feel ready for your next workout with 7g of Vegan BCAAs

  • increase exercise endurance
  • decrease muscle fatigue & breakdown
  • improve recovery & decrease muscle soreness
  • stimulate muscle growth and repair
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Vmino The Better BCAA

  1. increase endurance & decrease fatigue
    BCAAs affect your Central Nervous System by limiting the chemicals in your brain that tell your muscles they are tired. As such, BCAAs improve your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.
  2. decrease muscle breakdown
    BCAAs act as a fuel source that help decrease muscle breakdown, and minimize muscle damage caused by intense exercise.
  3. improve recovery & decrease soreness
    BCAAs speed up the recovery process and minimize delayed onset muscle sorness (DOMS) so you are ready for your next workout.
  4. tone, build and repair muscle
    BCAAs trigger the process that causes muscles to grow and repair themselves, even while you are cutting fat.

The Bottom Line

  • BCAAs will improve your workouts by increasing endurance and decreasing fatigue.
  • BCAAs will help you recover faster by decreasing muscle breakdown and muscle damage.
  • BCAAs will decrease muscle sorness by minimizing DOMS.
  • BCAAs will help you tone and build lean muscle.
  • Experience better workouts and quicker recovery. Maximize and see quicker results.

What's in Vmino BCAAs?

Our Vegan BCAAs come from non-gmo fermented plants. We provide 7g of BCAAs per serving in the Proven 2:1:1 Ratio.

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  • Vegan BCAAs

    Did you know most aminos on the market are derived from duck feathers, animal skin, cock combs, and animal hair? Our aminos on the otherhand come from non-gmo fermented plants.

    BCAAs are made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. BCAAs are essential aminos, meaning we must consume them because our body cannot create them. This is important because BCAAs make up 35% of the protein in muscle.


    Intense exercise will cause the body to breakdown muscle and metabolize BCAAs. However, feeding your body BCAAs before exercise will decrease the breakdown, and minimize the muscle damage intense exercise produces.(References)

    Growth & Repair:

    Taking BCAAs before workouts also stimulates the process for growing new muscle called protein synthesis (MPS). Studies also show that consuming BCAAs during exercise will trigger MPS.(References)


    Studies show that BCAAs also reduce perceived exertion, soreness, and central nervous system fatigue during exercise.

    What happens is this: seratonin is released in your brain when you exercise. Seratonin tells your muscles they are tired. However, BCAA consumption stunts the release of seratonin.

    Thus, BCAAs improve exercise performance and athletic concentration, as well as increase an athlete’s anabolic signaling, immune response and overall recovery.(References)

  • The Proven 2:1:1 Ratio

    Research shows that adequate doses of leucine alone increases muscle protein synthesis (the process that grows new muscle) by as much as 145%. This can be improved though! Adding in Isoleucine and Valine (the other two BCAAs), magnifies this effect as they seem to function as cofactors.

    The vast majority of studies support an ideal ratio of 2:1:1 in the dosing of leucine, isoleucine and valine. This means for every two grams of leucine that is given, one gram of isoleucine and valine is given.

    Additionally, the studies show the ideal dose of leucine at 3-4 grams.

    Finally, most studies indicate that the total daily dosing of BCAAs should be in the 14-20 gram range.(References)

  • Buffered Electrolytes

    When you exercise, lactic acid builds up in the muscle.

    Electrolytes come in two forms: acids which can increase the acidity of your system, and the buffered version that counteracts acidity.

    We utilize the buffered version to further improve your exercise endurance.

Informed-Choice Certified

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This Product is Informed-Choice for Sport Certified.

Brain is batch tested by LGC’s world class sports anti-doping labs. The World Anti-Doping Agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency have identified and banned over 220 performance enhancing drugs. Athletes that compete on the world stage such as Olympians, Professionals and Collegians are prohibited from using any products that may contain these banned substances.

LGC tests and certifies under their Informed Choice and Informed Sport programs that products wearing the Informed Sport and/or the Informed Choice logo(s) are banned substance tested.

In addition, to ensure your safety as per FDA and cGMP standards, Brain is further tested for heavy metals, yeast and bacterial counts.

We are proud to take the extra step and be part of the Informed Sport program so that athletes at the highest level can gain the unique advantage of our supplements with peace of mind.

Ingredients & Usage

Direction & Warnings


Each serving of BCAA’s provides 7 grams of BCAA’s with 0 carbohydrates and 0 sugars. For those calculating your macros, each serving delivers about 28 calories directly derived from the amino acids.

Mix one scoop of BCAA's in 8-12 ounces of water depending upon your taste preference.

For Athletic Benefits:Take BCAA’s prior to your exercise and competition. This will trigger muscle growth and improve endurance while decreasing muscle breakdown, muscle damage, and muscle soreness. We also suggest taking BCAA’s one other time during the day to further support muscle growth and minimize muscle breakdown. Studies show muscle breakdown will begin to occur approximately 2-3 hours following a meal. BCAA supplementation will help stop this.


VMINO is not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions; those taking any medications; those under the age of 18, or women who are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing. Always consult your physician prior to starting a new supplement, diet and exercise regime. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Warning California's Proposition 65

Warning Prop 65

For California Residents

This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

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The BCAAs worked very well.

Getting the results!!!!

I purchased the muscle stack and I love how I feel during my workouts! I feel super strong and my arms and legs are gaining muscle!!!


BCAA Vmino


I loved the taste. Second time ordering. Breaks down well with water and does what it suppose too.



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