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Love it!

I have never looked forward to a protein shake until I tried this one. Love it!

Liking MPO

I have seen immediate noticeable gains in my weight I am moving. Very impressed. My only difficulty is the taste is a considerable concern to get past. Still working on getting used to it, but it may be worth it because of the benefits I'm seeing. But maybe some work on the flavor would really help.

Strong like bull

Very well made. Works as well as it looks.

Amazing energy

We love this product. I use it at that 3pm slump time at my corporate desk job. It helps me keep going with extra energy to spare.

Lightning in a tub⚡

Tastes good, easy to drink and fuels the workout. I couldn't be more pleased. Mix with water- lightning in a bottle!

Whey to good!

Not all Whey proteins are created equal. This Grass-Fed Whey is in a class of its own. I love it! Its Whey to good!

Stainless Steel Shaker Cup

Best product ever

Great sustained energy with focus for atleast 8 hours no crash or after effects
Highly recommended

Probably the best protein

I tried all kinds of whey protein but this is really the best . It has the best smell and test .
It is a little expensive but it is worth it.


Game changer!

This product is pure quality. Worth every penny. I couldn't be happier. The first week I had noticeable results. I wont use anything else.

Energy and Focus without the crash!!!!

this will be my third bottle Brain and I have to admit that I am very pleased with the product. To be able to find a product that will help you with focus and energy all day without the crash like the energy drinks is a win!!

Does what it promises !

Using brain for about two weeks, the product delivers what it promises with no jitters

Grass-Fed Ultra Whey

It's the only Protein Supplement I use.

Dioxyme provides all the essential supplements/protein for performance/muscle growth and recovery. I have seen excellent results with consistency and training while using this product. The taste and smoothness of Dioxyme is on point, it's not too thick and goes down easy. Highly recommended.

Strawberry was my favorite by Cholocate is not bad!

Love Dioxyme Strawberry. But the website doesn't seem to offer it anymore. I've tried Vanilla and did not like it at all. Chocolate is good though. Mellow flavor that mixes into water easily. This is a high quality whey protein.

Excellent Product

Dioxyme produces high quality products and this one is no exception. These vitamins are reasonably priced and formulated specifically for athletes. Well worth the investment.

Does the job

It works really good just have to maintain a healthy diet and see really good results... you get what you paided for.

Very good taste

The chocolate taste great and does not leave a bad taste in your mouth. It mixes with water or milk with no clumping.
Great product I will be buying lots of the product.

Tastes delicious, doesn't hurt my stomach and is super clean!


Great product have used for a week experience great workouts and pumps thanks

Tastes great!

Great Product

My weight has remained stable since I began using this product, but there has been a significant change in my overall body composition. The tape measure doesn’t lie.

MPO works great!

MPO works great as a pre workout drink. I was not jittery but I felt a great boost to my workouts. It is a lemon lime flavor but it has a nice faint taste to it. My concern was that it would be over powering and sour like some typical lemon lime flavored drinks. It was very tasty.

One of the best shaker bottles I have every used. I have purchased a lot of bottles in the past. This one is the best.


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