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I’d give a 5 if i didn’t have to mix it with carbs and its taste was eh

Fat Loss
Sam Miller
Works great!

Works very well, will be buying more.

Fat Loss
Immediately feel the difference

Day 1 I could feel it working! Some results and I have been taking for about 3 weeks. Will continue.

Horace Grigsby Ii
Not Much Change

Not much has changed, at all.

Total Tone
Theresa Rohrman
Great product

It tastes great, it blends smoothly, and mixes well with coffee, yogurt, etc., not just water!

Showing promise

I used it 4 times. Feel like I’m getting a rep or two more. Want to give it a couple months of consistent use to give a fair review.

Excellent product!!

I feel power and incredible strength after taking this product. I have had significant results in the past 2 weeks. I strongly encourage you to try it out!!

Nicole V

I’ve been taking for a month along with diet and exercise. Before I started the CLA, I was stuck at a weight no matter what I did. Happy to say I’ve lost another pound and hopefully will start to see more results the longer I stick with this.

So far it’s going well…

I’ve been taking it for a week now and I’ve lost 3 pounds. I’ve also changed my eating (snacking) habit and drink lots of water!’

This is a great supplement

This stuff really works nicely. Seeing results

Love the variety pack. Taste great

Simple the best!

Thi love this product. Now it’s my new preworkout

Jennifer Marie Alvarado
Somethings good

The scale number isn’t showing a difference but my clothes feel different so something is going on and this is my second round of CLA with fat loss

Fat Loss
Orlando Rivera

I lost a few pounds. So far, so good

Fat Loss Essentials
Marion Candino
Works Great

So happy that this has gotten me over the hump. Surprised how much I learned from the support team. They were very helpful.

Fat Loss
Chaye W.
Seeing a Difference

Slimming down after using this!

Kenya white

I see a difference

Jacque Johnson
Was skeptical

Now I’m not. Good stuff, best of all no jitters. My coffee consumption has dropped by productivity keep going up. Well done

Fat Loss
Sheila Wyche
Helped with snacking

Helped me from snaking

Fat Loss
Mona Hawkins

They r great

Grass-Fed Ultra Whey
Donald Kleckner
My favorite protein powder

Tried many different protein powders, this is by far my favorite and quite frankly the best. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing-- you will not be disappointed!

Fat Loss Complete
Theresa Rohrman
It works and it’s easy!

I’ve been using the protein and the supplements for about a month. I’m taking the supplements as suggested and have a protein shake (that I make into a breakfast meal by adding to it) 4-5 times a week when retuning from the gym.
I had taken CLA years ago, but never noticed a difference. (I probably thought it would magically make weight fall off without changing anything!)
After reading several articles from the Dioxyme resource, I decided to try something new regarding dieting. I was interested in trying the macros way to follow a healthy diet. So I used the calculator linked in an article to determine the number of calories for me to maintain or lose weight. Then I found a great app to keep track of my foods. It’s never been easier to maintain or even lose a few pounds!
The chocolate protein is delicious, and I take to supplements around each meal! By keeping track of the macros I eat (and I log everything, even if a dark chocolate or a cocktail or two on the weekend) on the app, drinking a protein shake after the gym (I religiously go 4-5 times a week), and taking the supplements around meals has been a game changer!
I’m not hungry, shaky, and I feel great. I’ve maintained my weight, and feel like I have less body fat! I never believed that could happen, without the help of a Dr. physically removing LOL!

Jeffrey Manard
My Results

So far taking both CLA and Fat Loss have shown no results but I will keep trying for awhile longer.

Great Product

This is excellent. Very good, Steady results

Muscle Performance Optimizer
Christopher Broome

From the first time I took it I could feel the difference. Strength and mental alertness increased after taking it. I feel stronger and mentally focused during my workouts.. great product.