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Tastes great!

Great Product

My weight has remained stable since I began using this product, but there has been a significant change in my overall body composition. The tape measure doesn’t lie.

MPO works great!

MPO works great as a pre workout drink. I was not jittery but I felt a great boost to my workouts. It is a lemon lime flavor but it has a nice faint taste to it. My concern was that it would be over powering and sour like some typical lemon lime flavored drinks. It was very tasty.

One of the best shaker bottles I have every used. I have purchased a lot of bottles in the past. This one is the best.

Best on the Market

This is the best whey supplement on the market. It tastes great, dissolves quickly in liquid, and most importantly, has contributed to the substantial strength gains I have experienced since I have been using it as a post-workout recovery supplement. Highly recommended.

Steel shaker cup

Love this cup for use with mixing my MPO. The steel keeps the water cold. But most of all, this is a great looking cup.

Tastes great!

Recovering from ACL surgery - keeps me balanced

After a dreaded ACL tear, I'm looking to heal efficiently and effectively. VITAL 100 has become part of my healing process. Note: be sure to take it with food!

Grass Fed Ultra Way

Great product. I've been using this protein powder for about two years and love it!

Good Stuff

Definitely is great for energy & focus

Good Stuff

This is good. No jittery feeling at all and good energy.



Good Vitamin

Being an athlete I have been looking for a vitamin that I like. This one is good and provides me with more of the nutrients that I need.

Grass-fed, Yay!!

We love that we’ve found a whey product from grass-fed cows. We are very health and environmentally conscious and eat primarily organic, whole, or otherwise high quality foods.

Great Stuff

This is really good. I feel better during my workouts. I train for 2-2.5 hours a day and it helps.

Great Product

Really like this product. Been taking it for a few days now and already seeing results.

Great protien

Great taste, easy on stomach, usually not a fan of whey protiens but this one is great. Will buy again. Only thing i wish there was more in a container.

Amazing Cup

great quality and durable. Amazing Buy


I started using CLA to assist me in cutting weight just before a competition. I started using it about 5 weeks out from weigh in day.
To be honest, I felt like it did take about 3 weeks to start kicking in but I am now 2 weeks after competition and still loosing weight using the CLA and I have NO intention to stop using it. I would recommend.

Grass fed, yay!

So happy to find a grass fed product. The only thing that would make this better is if it were organic too. I so hate the typical commercial meat producing industry and avoid it whenever possible. I was using an egg white protein product before I found yours. So glad I switched.


I had a long shift and really needed an extra boost it did the trick for me.

Feeling better

I'm in love...

I have to say that when I ordered this protein I was not expecting the results I got from it. I have Crohns disease and so I have to be very careful of what type of ingredients are in my foods and it is hard to find protein powder that agrees with me. I have been using the Total Tone protein for over a month now and I am feeling so good. I notice that my body feels good, I have used it during a Crohns flare up, and I have been able to go into remission without using Prednisone or any other meds that I normally would. I use it as a shake before workouts and I absolutely love it. I like the collagen in it and will definitely keep using this protein. I add powder peanut butter to my shakes, to enhance the flavor profile. I don't have to fight hunger between my meals. I feel great from the collagen, and my skin and joints are reaping the benefits as well, which is important to me. Great product! Definitely my new go to Protein!!!

Ultra Whey

I have used this product before and i still love the taste and the results, i dont think it gets any better than this. but if it can im sure it will come from your company.
Thanks Again

The Last Multi You Will Buy

This multi gives me absolutely everything I need in a single pill....why go elsewhere!


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