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We create athlete-validatedsmall-batchcraft supplements. Each of our products has a purpose — to produce measurable benefits. Our doctors research and deliver products that we tailor to you. As a family-owned company, we listen to best understand your needs, and source only the most effective, sustainable, and humane ingredients.

listen to the experts

Justin Roethlingshoefer
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, San Diego Gulls (AHL)

"I have been using Dioxyme products for a year now and they just flat out work. 5 players on our team are now addicted to MPO. They just flat out won't play without it."

Eric Fehr
Professional Hockey Player (NHL)

"MPO gives me incredibly consistent leg jump, shift to shift and from game to game. It helps me with the energy I need to go 110% every time I step on the ice, makes recovery between shifts a breeze, and allows me to be the player I want to be."

Head of Hockey Performance, UMass Lowell (NCAA)

"Dioxyme has become an integral part of our team's nutritional program. Pre, during, and post training, they provide top of the line products with unquestioning quality to help fuel our performance and development."

Matt Minuth
WPO All Time World Record Holder

"I have used supplements for over 20 years. However, after only 6 months with Dioxyme, I had a 9% improvement in my max effort squat (1,102 lbs). This, plus an improved personal best benchpress of 925 lbs, helped me win the 2018 World Powerlifting Championship, where I broke the All Time World Record total and became the only 242 lb lifter in history to break the 2,700 lbs barrier."

what our customers are saying

"Simply the Best"
Joe Q.

"Best nootropic I've had. I love high caffeine supplements, this definitely takes the cake!"

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"Perfect Workout Partner"
Craig G.

"Workout recovery is not the same without it! Highly recommend for quick recovery and workout fuel."

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"CLA Rocks!"
Cheryl B.

"I really like this product! I've been taking it for a few days now and I'm already seeing results."

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"I'm in love..."
Samy R.

"I am feeling so good! I feel great from the collagen, and my skin and joints are reaping the benefits as well."

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"Love This Protein!!!"
Donna B.

"I have tried many proteins and this one is by far, hands down, the best!!!"

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"Big Size and Strength Gains"
Jimmy P.

"The MPO is crazy. More reps, more sets, more size. The difference is real!"

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