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The Wheygan Diet

11 Ways to a Healthier & Fitter You

An exciting new approach to eating called the Wheygan Diet can help you lose fat, gain muscle, and be healthier.

Whether you would like to lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds or 100, gain muscle in the gym, or even just improve your pre-diabetes, and that middle age decline, the wheygan diet may be what you have been looking for.

It is an approach to health discovered during the antiquities.

You see, as a physician, we know that there are certain foods that are more healthy than others. And some, if consumed daily, may make you healthier, leaner, and fitter than you have been before.

The Wheygan Diet is based on an ancient serum that is readily available today.

You might be thinking, “Oh, great, a new diet fad or so-called superfood. I’ve heard all this before.” Well, it is not. The solution I want to share with you has been around for several millennia. It had faded from the pages of medical history only to be unearthed and subjected to numerous scientific studies to prove what ancient healers knew – it works! Let’s start with why something like this is so needed today.

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Why the Wheygan Diet is Needed

America is a paradox regarding how we look at health and fitness. On the one hand, we are obsessed with the subject. Ways to better health saturate social media. Just look at a newsfeed from anything and count how many articles, blogs, and advertisements try to vie for your attention on the subject. How many people do you know wear a Fitbit or similar device to track their steps, heart rate, etc.?

But on the other hand…

We have reached extreme levels of obesity and diabetes in adults and children. There are a variety of reasons as to why. A large portion of society is sedentary, and we are all bombarded with many poor food choices. There also seems to be a significant correlation with the increase in agricultural chemicals.

How bad is the problem?

The situation is pretty much at its peak. The toll on people’s health is evident. Problems like Type 2 diabetes are becoming more common. There was a 30% increase in the incidence in children in the US from 2001-2009. The risk in China is broaching 50%.

Cardiovascular issues and related diseases affect people in higher numbers than ever before. The pressure we put on our bodies when carrying around extra weight takes a toll on our joints that eats into our joy of life.

It isn’t just a problem of too many pounds either. Some people can look like they are in good shape, but the food and toxins that they are putting into their body can lead to the problems we already mentioned.

I have several 50-60 year old slim female patients in my practice that are pre-diabetic. That is a shocker! Some of you may look fit, but you might be a walking time bomb inside. This phenomenon of looking good but feeling bad is something we call Fit Sick.

where we went wrong

Original Photo by atlas green

Where We Went Wrong

How is this possible, you might ask? The world has become so advanced. Where did we go wrong?

The truth is, the problem lies in what we do and the foods we eat. Look at any video archived from the sixties. Doesn’t matter if it was a major news event or someone taking home movies at the beach. People were skinnier. One reason is that there wasn’t as much sitting around. Yes, you had TV to watch (3 channels typically), however people were more active.

In fact you even had to get up to change the TV channel!

Then there is the issue with Processed Foods.

Yes, yes, yes… everyone knows they shouldn’t be eating bags of GMO derived corn chips or even “healthy organic veggie chips”. In fact if you are reading this, you already have a pretty decent eating lifestyle and probably don’t eat the typical processed foods like microwave popcorn or frozen pot pie. But processed food goes way beyond that.

It used to be that mom stayed home, and while the kids were at school, she went to the market and prepared dinner from scratch. A good bone broth stew takes many hours to prepare. In this day and age, if we are preparing food, it rarely is from raw ingredients.

A jar of pre-made spaghetti sauce (loaded with sugar or fructose) and meatballs (pre-made from the supermarket), or a ready to heat can of black beans, is perhaps all the time that mom (or dad has for cooking now a days.

Modern “cooking” in America is so easy. But is it healthy?

Corporate agriculture has changed the way we eat. Most farming today revolves around genetically modified plants (GMO). The grain used in bread and cereals today did not exist in nature 50 years ago.

That same GMO grain feeds cows and chicken. The same science that goes into growing corn leads to GMO-raised salmon. And you eat the cow, chicken and salmon. Whatever the animals ingest goes directly into you, and is absorbed by your system.

Scary right?

Eating out usually means fast food, which tends to be high in calories and low in nutrition. And if it is not fast food, it is probably some chain that uses a factory to pre-make its chicken parmigiana or perfectly proportioned burger. Many “ingredients” are added to the food to promote taste and color, or to allow it to last longer. These chemicals aren’t the greatest for our bodies.

Big Pharma’s Bandaid

As the food industry has made life easier, and in my opinion unhealthier, the pharmaceutical companies have stepped up to the plate to help you cope with all your resultant health issues. The way we eat and live our lives is leading to a health crisis.

We live longer, but so many individuals require anti-depressants, cholesterol lowering pills, blood pressure medication, diabetes prescriptions and more.

The drugs don’t cure the problem; they only manage it so that it you can consume more as you live longer and buy even more pharmaceuticals.

I am a surgeon who has been in practice for over 25 years. Nearly 70% of my patients are on some sort of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug. Society has become used to getting a pill to help with the problem, rather than dealing with the root cause of the issue.

America doesn’t suddenly have a Paxil or Klonopin deficiency!

nootropics cognition

But we do have a nutritional problem. Worldwide, 45% of the population has an essential Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency that can lead to depression and anxiety. In my own practice, when we test micronutrient blood levels, over 90% of my patients have a major vitamin or micronutrient deficiency.

Houston we have a problem. 45% of the world has an essential Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency that can lead to depression and anxiety.Click To Tweet

Because we rarely consume 100% grassfed livestock or animal organs, the omega-3 deficiency is very prevalent. My family, my patients and myself, all take Omega-3 supplementation.

We are well fed (overfed like cows in a stall), but we are malnourished.

You might be thinking as you read this, “Too much of this sounds like me. What do I do to become healthier?”

The answer is not rocket science. A pill is not going to do it for you. If it did, the creator of that pill would be a billionaire. Oh, I forgot… they are.

Wheygan Fits Everyone’s Diet

I am going to introduce you to an eating strategy that is now readily available, will taste delicious, and satisfy most of your food cravings.

If your goal is to lose weight, you can use the Wheygan diet to be successful losing excess body fat. If your goal is to get healthier, it can help with that too. If you are an athlete looking to be stronger and more successful, this is what you need.

How do I know this?

I lived it! I was diagnosed with premature coronary artery disease, even though my cholesterol levels were below 200. I started on a health quest that led me to the same serum that Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor, discovered and prescribed for his patients 400 years before Christ. In fact, during his time, the average male lifespan was 37-42 years. Noblemen lived to the ripe old age of 70. But Hippocrates lived 100 years.

The old Greek physician healing waters solution was said to strengthen the immune system. It helped the body become resistant to disease, and aided the adaptive powers of the individual.

Galen, the Greek physician and surgeon in the Roman Empire, similarly used this formula for his patients 500 years later in Rome.

Ok. What is the lost formula!?

The history of the secret sauce is told by lore, and is believed to have been discovered over 10,000 years ago when man first domesticated milk-producing animals. Based on Greek mythology and paintings seen on Egyptian tombs, historians believe that people stored the milk in a water skin or bota, which was a bag created out of the stomach of the milk-producing animal.

The stomach lining contained an enzyme called “rennet” that would cause the milk to coagulate and create a liquid or serum. We now call that coagulum “curds,” and it is used for making cheese. The liquid serum is called whey.

In the 1700’s, a health spa in Gais, a small town in the mountains of Switzerland, specialized in giving its clients whey. It became a popular destination for people searching for a means to cure their ailments. The treatments and success were so popular that over 160 similar spas opened throughout Europe.

nootropics cognition

Original Photo by tim foster

Whey is a Very Powerful Protein

Whey protein forms the basis of the Wheygan diet plan. You can eat animal meat if you choose, but whey consumption will allow you to increase the amount of protein you consume, and decrease the quantity of higher saturated fat animal protein.

Those who only consume fruits and vegetables can even hop on board the Wheygan plan. They tend to consume less protein than some nutritionists and physicians feel is ideal. This will allow them to significantly increase their complete protein intake.

The protein make up of whey is very different than the typical protein, either animal or vegetable, that makes up your everday meals. It consist of a mixture of beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and immunoglobulins, glycomacropeptides, lactoperoxidases, lysozyme and lactoferrin.

You can’t find this protein combination in any whole food.

That is why when I hear nutritionists say that you don’t need supplements, all you need is the right food, I chuckle. Perhaps in theory if the food supply was ideal. But it is not.

In my surgical practice, putting my patients on a Wheygan diet prior to surgery and after surgery assists in healing. And in some patients, losing body fat prior to surgery can help with their cosmetic surgery results. Lower body fat corresponds with lower complication risks.

The health properties of whey, known throughout antiquity and as late as a few centuries ago, were lost until recently. Science rediscovered whey’s pluripotential for healing. With several decades of study, they have shown it to be a healthy superfood.

This is not a fad without any basis of nutritional benefits. Whey truly is a superfood, and one that requires serious consideration. There are reasons why fitness people, bodybuilders, and athletes champion whey’s virtues.

11 Health Benefits of the Wheygan Diet

1. Muscle Protein Synthesis

Your muscles are in a constant state of change. They are either breaking down (muscle protein breakdown), or they are building (muscle protein synthesis). As you age, far more breakdown than synthesis occurs leading to muscle loss. Scientists call this sarcopenia and it can lead to poor health as we age.

Incorporating the Wheygan Diet boosts muscle protein synthesis and whey protein boosts it more than any other protein.

As such, whey helps in the fight against sarcopenia, this well recognized, progressive, degenerative loss of skeletal muscle seen in older folks. Scientists estimate that after the age of 50, the average adult experiences a 0.5 – 1% loss of skeletal muscle mass per year. This leads to the “fragility” that progresses to being sedentary and needing assistance with daily activity.

2. Clinical Evidence of Fighting Cancer

Studies show that whey protein can help fight cancer. This simple dietary intervention promotes antioxidant concentration in the body, which we’ll discuss in more depth shortly. Specifically though, whey protein concentrate will boost the glutathione (GSH) antioxidant system that is the leader in cellular protective mechanisms.

In essence, GSH is needed for cell function. When whey protein promotes GSH, the body can either fight cancer cells more efficiently, or help prevent damage to important cellular components that can create mutations. Moreover, an abundance of GSH can help the body detoxify potential carcinogens, which also helps avoid and potentially neutralize cancer.

But wait… there’s more!

Whey protein truly is a superfood. While whey protein supplementation is increasing the GSH found in the good cells, it can actively decrease the amount of GSH found in tumor cells. This in turn renders the cancer cells more vulnerable to traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

3. Beneficial in Viral Hepatitis B and C

Looking again at GSH, this antioxidant is found in the all of the body tissues that protect against potential damage from toxins and wastes. As we just mentioned, whey protein supplementation promotes an abundance of GSH in the body. As such, GSH can help prevent against liver damage.

Taking this a step further, Hepatitis is a liver disease, and those with liver damage often have a glutathione deficiency.

You can see where I’m going with this.

The GSH boosting effect of whey protein can help those afflicted with chronic hepatitis. Clinical trials demonstrate whey protein’s effectiveness as a treatment against Hepatitis B. The verdict is still out though on whey protein supplementation for Hepatitis C, but one study has indicated that it shows promising results.

Animal studies also correlate the effect whey protein has on lowering ALT and AST (liver enzyme levels indicating liver damage), lowered hyaluronic acid (an indicator of liver fibrosis), and the levels of lactate dehydrogenase and bilirubin (traditional hepatitis markers). Researchers concluded that whey protein could help prevent the development of hepatitis and portal fibrosis.

4. Enhanced Response in Patients with HIV

A Wheygan Diet can help a patient with HIV by helping to maintain lean muscle mass, and by improving body functions, specifically the immune function. Let’s look at how whey protein can help maintain a patient’s lean muscle mass first.

HIV hinders the body’s ability to build and restore muscle protein. This will inevitably lead to muscle wasting. Amazingly, whey protein has a near identical amino structure to skeletal muscle, and provides the body the correct aminos in the correct proportions. Also, compared to other protein sources, whey protein has more of the essential amino acids (EAA’s). These aminos, especially EAA’s, are crucial for activating the cellular mechanisms that promote protein growth in the muscle.

Whey protein also has 4 times more of the amino acid cysteine when compared to other quality proteins like soy or casein. Some scientists suggest that cysteine helps regulate whole body protein metabolism. More importantly though, cysteine is vital for maintaining proper levels of… you guessed it… GSH.

GSH in turn promotes lean muscle mass, and helps prevent a patient’s muscle wasting. It also, as we’ve discussed before, aids in immune function. On top of promoting GSH, whey protein also consists of many immune-enhancing constituents that have positive prebiotic effects, that promote tissue repair, that maintain intestinal integrity, and that destroy / eliminate pathogens and toxins.

As you can see, using the Wheygan Diet can improve a HIV patient’s quality of life. It is amazing how helpful a natural substance can be when utilized alongside proper medication.

5. Antimicrobial

An antimicrobial is something that kills microorganisms, or stops their growth. There are many medications that are antimicrobial, but there we can also find natural ones as well.

One such natural antimicrobial is Lactoferrin, which is of course found in the whey protein superfood. Lactoferrin can play a wide range of roles ranging from protection against infection, to the promotion of energy balance and metabolism. As an antimicrobial, lactoferrin can protect against a litany of bad pathogens, which in turn will keep you healthy and active.

Who knew that whey protein could knock out unhealthy microorganisms before they could even cause damage to healthy cells.

6. Improved Bone Density

Strong bones are important to our quality of life. Even a moderately active lifestyle depends on our skeletons supporting the things we do. Amazingly, walking a few miles a day for exercise and enjoyment can cease if your framework breaks down and hurts from the activity.

Unfortunately, it is no secret that as we age, we also lose bone density. This means we become frail, which could in turn make us less active. When this happens, body degeneration, and a poor standard of living is imminent. We can slow this process though.

First and foremost, a diet high in protein will help maintain bone density. Of course, high protein diets can also lead to other problems like high cholesterol and heart problems because of the detriments of animal fats. This is where a clean, low fat, healthy whey protein comes in to play. The whey protein will allow us to have the high protein intake needed to prevent bone wasting, while not developing the adverse health conditions.

This is the Wheygan Diet at work.

7. Gastrointestinal Support

Gastrointestinal (GI) health, also known as gut health, is very important, and many doctors will say that much of our health begins in the gut. Signs of good GI health include effective digestion and absorption of food, the absence of GI illness, normal and stable intestinal microbiota, a healthy immune system, and an overall sense of well-being.

Multiple studies support the fact that whey protein promotes gut health. The unique proteins in whey will support our stomach and intestines, and it will maintain a proficient and successful digestion of food, as well as absorption of nutrients into the body.

8. Enhance Immune Function

If our bodies aren’t healthy, even warding off colds is a struggle. Our immune system should be our first, and best, roadblock to any disease or sickness, whether it be a cold or cancer.

As we’ve discussed in the earlier sections, whey protein can improve optimal immune function. From GSH and cysteine promotion, to the best amino acid profile, to the immunoglobulins and other proteins in whey, a Wheygan Diet can play an essential role in keeping you healthy. Propping up the immune system with whey will pay off in dividends for years to come regarding your health. The immunoglobulins and other proteins in whey help support the immune mechanisms.

9. Antioxidants

We have discussed at length at this point the glutathione (GSH) antioxidant system, and how it is a leader in cellular protection. All antioxidants play a similar role in that they delay and help prevent some type of cell damage. Luckily for us, whey protein is a great source of antioxidants.

In addition to GSH, the lactoferrin from whey protein also acts as an antioxidant, and can reduce oxidative stress. Moreover, the numerous peptides and enzymes found in whey protein can build up antioxidant stores, help antioxidants perform more efficiently, and reduce inflammation in your body.

10. Decrease cholesterol; improve lipids

The source of elevated cholesterol is a constant debate with some scientists pointing entirely to the foods we eat, while others say it is purely due to an individual’s metabolism and genetics. Regardless, whey has been shown to have a positive effect on lowering bad fats like cholesterol and LDL.

11. Improve Insulin Sensitivity

It is estimated that in a few years, 1/3 of Americans will be diabetics. This means that for some reason, the amount of insulin they produce, or the effect that their insulin has, is diminished. Whey improves insulin sensitivity and the body’s ability to store the carbs you eat as muscle glycogen instead of as fat. The insulin produced by the pancreas carries out this function in the body, and whey helps the insulin be more robust in helping any carbs become glycogen.

How Do I Incorporate Whey into the Wheygan Diet?

I feel that this subject is so important for people that I will be releasing a book soon on the subject. In a nutshell, the Wheygan Diet uses whey protein as a person’s primary protein source when consumed with the correct amounts of vegetables and fat.

A Wheygan diet decreases the the quantity of high saturated fats contained in animal muscle protein. Animal protein, especially beef, is also high in the amino acid methionine. Whey allows us to lower the methionine intake which is associated with cardiovascular disease.

The Wheygan diet also allows those consuming a diet restricted to vegetables to increase the amount of healthy protein they consume daily. The daily recommended intake of protein is now much higher than the standard Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein.

The RDA as stated by the institutes of health is around 55 grams per day for a 170 pound man. Most studies demonstrate that 70 – 100 grams per day is far more beneficial.

The Wheygan diet allows you to increase your protein intake, benefit your health, decrease your saturated fat intake, and improve your fitness, all in one scoop…pun intended.

But you need a high quality whey. Not every whey you see on the shelves has the highest quality. It is just like the cuts of meat. There are some that are much higher quality than others.

Try and only get a brand that uses 100% grassfed whey. Grassfed New Zealand Whey Protein only comes from 100% grassfed cows. This eliminates all GMO, antibiotics and hormones. This naturally has higher vitamins, CLA and omega-3.

I will be writing more on the Wheygan Diet shortly, but know that its effects are wonderfully enhanced and synergistic with fitness activities. You will see that it takes the best points of several good diets:

  • Mediterranean – fats and complex carbs
  • Atkins and South Beach – restricted carb intake
  • Paleo – high protein diet

If you want to help the health of your family and friends, please share this with them.

Now is the time to learn the facts about whey, and how it leads to better physical and emotional health. It is a superfood that does everything it is supposed to. Stay tuned to our blog for more information.

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