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Grass-Fed Ultra Whey

Grass-Fed Protein Powder

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Muscle Performance Optimizer

Build Size & Strength



Nootropics: Focus & Energy


best selling stacks

Muscle Growth Stack

Strength & Size

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Fat Loss Stack

Burn Fat

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The Performance Stack

Prepare & Perform

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Love It!"

    "These science-based supplements are exactly what I've been craving for a long time! Would definitely recommend to any athlete!"

  • "Best Supplements"

    "I've taken supplements my entire adult life, and I've tried almost all forms of pre workouts available. I haven't had anything else after Dioxyme. The most complete lineup I have ever had. 100% give it a try, you won't regret it!"

  • "Awesome!"

    "Everything about this protein delivers. Whether it's the taste, how easy it mixes into the milk/water, and how it aids in my recovery as an collegiate athlete, Dioxyme protein absolutely delivered 100% and I'll definitely be a returning customer!"

  • "Love It!"

    "My trainer recently turned me on to Dioxyme products and I'm hooked! I love everything I've bought. Can't say enough good things about them!"

  • "Maximized Workouts!!"

    "The MPO is crazy!! More reps, more sets. The difference is real!"

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What The Experts Are Saying

  • Justin Roethlingshoefer

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
    San Diego Gulls (AHL)

    "I have been using Dioxyme products for a year now and they just flat out work. 5 players on our team are now addicted to MPO. They just flat out won't play without it."

  • Eric Fehr

    Professional Hockey Player (NHL)

    "MPO gives me incredibly consistent leg jump, shift to shift and from game to game. It helps me with the energy I need to go 110% every time I step on the ice, makes recovery between shifts a breeze, and allows me to be the player I want to be."

  • Devan McConnell, M.Sc

    Head of Hockey Performance
    UMass Lowell (NCAA)

    "Dioxyme has become an integral part of our team's nutritional program. Pre, during, and post training, they provide top of the line products with unquestioning quality to help fuel our performance and development."

  • Matt Minuth

    WPO All Time World Record Holder

    "I have used supplements for over 20 years. However, after only 6 months with Dioxyme, I had a 9% improvement in my max effort squat (1,102 lbs). This, plus an improved personal best benchpress of 925 lbs, helped me win the 2018 World Powerlifting Championship, where I broke the All Time World Record total and became the only 242 lb lifter in history to break the 2,700 lbs barrier."

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